Trail running tips for May / June

Tip 1: Get to know the route! There are not marshals and no route markers on race day. Try get out onto the trails a few times before race day to familiarise yourself with the different trails and to make sure you know where the turns are. Definitely go to race briefing!

Tip 2: Take the compulsory gear! The weather on the mountain is very different from one area to another. You can be in shorts and a t-shirt at the start and need a water proof top and thermal 30min later. Go prepared.

Tip 3: Get used to running with your gear. Run your long runs with your back pack on as well as trying out your nutrition before race day.

Tip 4: Don’t be scared to walk. Sometimes walking fast makes you lose a few seconds up a hill to someone running, but when you get running again you have saved enough energy to leave that person in your dust. Even trail running phenomenon Ryan Sandes walks........sometimes!

Tip 5: Choose trail running shoes. Hout Bay trail challenge has some extreme technical sections and this year the race organisers are sure to throw us another challenge or two. Leave the road shoes at home! You need the extra protection, grip and support for this race!

Training Programme

Easy Run: 4-5 / 10 4-5 / 10 effort at a very comfortable pace

Tempo Run: 7 / 10 effort

Hill sessions: can be done on a stretch of the course, or any trail, with a climb involved. Work hard (run or fast walk keeping your effort at 9/10 or 90% max HR) for the “fast pace” time and then ease off to a slow comfortable walk (or jog) for the recovery. Don't stop or sit down!

Sunday Long Run: Wear a pack and prepare for the sun or inclement weather

If you have any questions on the training programmes, please drop Tim an email ( and he will be able to help you.