Hout Bay Trail Challenge 2022
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Here are the Race Records

  • Seniors - 03:54 (Kane Reilly) & 04:34 (Stevie Kremer)
  • Veteran - 04:30 (Derrick Baard) & 04:53 (Michelle Lombardi)
  • Masters - 04:37 (Mark Preen) & 05:53 (Julie Huckle)
  • Grand Masters - 08:00 (Peter Johnstone) & 07:59 (Frances Whitehead)

Here are the average times to give you an idea.

Men Women
Average 07:07 06:56
Seniors 06:46 06:47
Vetrans 07:35 07:03
Masters 08:31 07:23

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Male Sizes:

  • Small - 94cm
  • Medium - 100cm
  • Large - 106cm
  • Extra-Large - 112cm

Female Sizes

  • Small - 88cm
  • Medium - 94cm
  • Large - 100cm
  • Extra-Large- 106cm

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Entry Options

* Late Entry Fee - Late entries will be considered if we haven't reached our limit of 250 runners from the 11th July 2022

Charity Donations

Volunteer Wildfire Services is our charity we will be supporting for the Hout Bay Trail Challenge. Please help them continue with the amazing work they do. For more information, please visit their websites.

Path Maintainance Fund

We work with the Honary Rangers and SANParks to trim and maintain paths on Table Mountain.

Terms and Conditions: