Hout Bay Trail Challenge - FKT

Unfortunately with the current situation with Covid-19 and the country still in Lockdown, sporting events remain prohibited. We therefore have to postpone the Hout Bay Trail Challenge 2020 until we can secure a new date in line with improvements in the current situation.

Hout Bay Trail Challenge 2020 was scheduled to take place in the month of August. We held a Virtual Trail Run throughout the month of August.

We would like to continue to support our Charities and raise money for path maintenance by challenging runners to set their fast time over 1 or all 3 Legs.

If you would like to take up this challenge, please fill in the form and consider making a donation.

Hout Bay Trail Challenge - FKT

The Hout Bay Trail Challenge - FKT consists of 3 legs on TMNP. The route will NOT be marked, and you will be required to follow a GPS course or map. You will be emailed a map and GPS file.

Leg 1

  • Suikerbossie to Kloof Nek
  • Distance: +-21km
  • Max Altitude: 1066m
  • Total Elevation: +-1446m
  • Terrain: Single path

Leg 2

  • Kloof Nek to Constantia Nek
  • Distance: +-17km
  • Max Altitude: 788m
  • Total Elevation: +-967m
  • Terrain: Single path and Jeep track

Leg 3

  • Constantia Nek to Constantia Nek
  • Distance: +-22km
  • Max Altitude: 894m
  • Total Elevation: +-1339m
  • Terrain: Single path, Jeep track and tar


Complete the registration form. Join the Strava Club if you would like to see the Strava Leaderboard


Please consider making a small donation when you register to support our charities in these difficult times.

Please use reference HBTC Donation when you do an online donation.


Once you have completed a Leg, please submit your Times to be added to the Leaderboards



BRIGHT START objectives are to facilitate access to quality education for children from historically impoverished communities and to encourage positive parenting and care giving.

HBVEMS serves the community of Hout Bay, Cape Town and the surrounds. HBVEMS is run by roughly 40 volunteers who provide the crews to work 4 shifts every weekend. Attending to everything from car crashes to heart attacks the service is only possible thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors.

The Cape Leopard Trust’s purpose and vision is to ensure the long-term survival of leopards, their habitat and their prey, for the benefit of nature and society. We do this through rigorous scientific research, applied conservation initiatives and environmental outreach and education, in collaboration with communities, private landowners and organisations.

Hout Bay Trail Challenge - FKT

  1. Register and you will be sent the route details.
  2. You can run the route in any order.
  3. We encourage you to take photos and share them.
  4. Record your activity track on a recongnised GPS device that measures time, distance and elevation
  5. Submit your time and GPX Format file
  6. You are required to run with a mask and make sure you abide by the social distancing guidelines
  7. SAFETY - Please let someone know when and where you will be runnning, what time you expect to be finished and what you will be wearing. It is highly recommended to sign up to the Safety Mountain Tracking. Install the MySOS App
  8. Equipment Check - There will be no equipment checks, but we do recommend that you take the following equipment with you
  9. No subsitutions
  10. Leaderboard will be posted on www.houtbaychallenge.co.za
  11. Strava Club


  • Able I am able to run the route multiple times?
  • You are able to run as many times you want.

  • Can I run the routes in reverse?
  • No, you are required to run the route as indicated on the map.

  • Are we allowed to run in a group?
  • We refer you to the Covid-19 regulations, which require to to wear a masks and maintain social distancing.

  • Will the leaderboard be on Strava?
  • A leaderboard will be on Strava for those runners who are on Strava. The official leaderboard will be on the website.